• Aaron Kneeland

Best places to walk your dog in Rochester: Durand Eastman Park

Durand Eastman Park is located near the shore of Lake Ontario and has over 900 acres of beautiful trails, water, and golfing to take advantage of! The park was opened in 1909, and actually contained a zoo filled with Buffalo, Elk, and similar hoof-like animals until 1962. I think I speak for everyone when I say I wish the zoo was still open!

While Lake Ontario is across the street (literally), there are also three small lakes in the park as well - Trott Lake, Durand Lake, and Eastman Lake. This is one of my favorites aspects of the park, and many of the best walking trails closely border the lakes. These paths are in the wooded portion of the park but there is also a long paved path in the middle of the park that is perfect for less agile or elderly dogs!

When walking in the park, it is almost impossible not to cross over onto the golf course at times. This is allowed as long as you look before you walk! Look for golfers nearby, or far away that may be swinging in your direction. Also, please stay off the greens of the course - walking on the green if you're not playing is a no-no and your dog may damage it as well.

Overall, I would highly recommend Durand Eastman for a walk with your pup, especially in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. I will link to the AllTrails site here, but I would not recommend using AllTrails as your guide for the walk. Speaking from experience, it is almost impossible to follow the trail as it is laid out because it intersects the golf course frequently and doesn't follow any trail markers.

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