• Aaron Kneeland

Best places to walk your dog in Rochester: Seneca Park

One of my favorite things about Rochester is all of the hiking trails and nature we have access to! Finding great places to hike with your dog is a passion of mine - this is the start of a blog series where I'll share some spots I've been to and hopefully help you discover your next location for a doggy adventure!

Seneca Park is a 3 mile preserve of land built around the Seneca Park Zoo. It's located off of St. Paul Blvd and offers ample parking space if you're not within walking distance. The Zoo opened in 1894, making it one of the oldest zoos in America! One of my favorite aspects of walking in Seneca Park is that the trails on the outside of the zoo allow you see and hear many of the animals inside - most impressively, the roars of the three lions that the Zoo houses. Watching your dog react to the sound of a lion roaring is a very unique experience!

If you walk on the left side of the zoo you'll be treated to a great view of the gorge and the Genesee River. If you bring your dog you do have to be somewhat cautious of the steep drop on your left, as most of it is not fenced - I would recommend having your dog on a leash at all times and being aware of how much slack you're giving them in some areas.

About two miles in to your walk you'll see a large pond with a paved walking path, and it's absolutely worth checking out! Apart from the scenery there are also plenty of birds and fish in the pond. On a warm day it can be fun to let your dog wade into the shallow parts of the pond to cool off!

For more information on Seneca Park you can visit its page on AllTrails, which offers information on the length, elevation, difficulty, and reviews on trails all over Rochester.

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